Care Beyond the Boulevard was conceived by Jaynell (KayKay) Assmann after she noted the number of homeless people coming into the hospital where she worked as a nurse. As soon as she became certified as a Nurse Practitioner, her first goal was to establish an outreach to the urban poor and especially the homeless. She worked as a volunteer at the Micah Ministry food kitchen and in 2016 while working at Family Health Care, KayKay developed Care Beyond the Boulevard. We see 10-25 people each session (most Monday evenings) and provide care for urgent and chronic health needs. In addition we go on the streets into homeless encampments, providing healthcare directly to the homeless one other night per week, seeing between 7-15 patients.  Additional services are provided as necessary through Family Health Care’s Southwest Boulevard clinic.

Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization and the fiduciary agent for Care Beyond the Boulevard.

Someone is always in need of something, feel free to message us to see what else you can do if you don’t find your answers here in the FAQ!

Of course we take donations! You can either click on our “Donate” tab and contribute a specified amount or create your own amount!  Donations are a great way to contribute for us to continue to serve this vastly underserved population.  Although financial donations are greatly appreciated, they are not the only way to donate.  The following is a list of items we are always in need of:

If you other items you would like to donate, but they are not listed please message us to make arrangements.  Thanks!

We are always looking for volunteers in some capacity.  We currently have a need for additional nurse practitioners, MD, DO, or PA to help this vastly underserved population!   We have an electronic medical record, E-Clinical works (ECW), (you do not have to know how to use ECW to volunteer) and will be using that for our patients!!  Make sure to click on our “Join” tab and fill out our required paperwork!

These are a few of things we could always use. During the cold times gloves, blankets, and little snack bags are always helpful.

Your school, church, or business is always welcome to have a hat or glove drive!  Those are great things to donate and are always in need!

If you click on our “Event” tab, you can see a list of our current dates.  If you’re a potential patient living on the streets and are in need of assistance, feel free to message us and we’ll see what we can do to add your location to one of our stops.

If you’re looking to come out and serve in a medical capacity, please contact us and be sure to have your application and other essential documents filled our under our “Join” tab.